Arrest This Man

My names Bella. I'm sorta nasty and I watch too many documentaries.


Depression - Black Flag

They say, they say things are gonna get better
All I know is, they fucking better

Depression’s got a hold of me
Depression! I gotta break free
Depression’s got a hold of me
Depression’s gonna kill me

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This is a classic `nude calendar´ when you extract everything which transparent to X-Rays, i.e. all the flesh, and therefore any remaining sensuality.

Via Tha Mary Sue: “This Exists: X-Ray Pin-up Calendar

best thing i’ve seen all day

I got a bone for dem bones

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Not Pansexuality:"I don't care about gender!! Gender is meaningless!"
Pansexuality:"I understand that gender can be an important part of someone's identity, but it will have no effect on whether I am attracted to them."

Recommended at the price, insatiable an appetite. Wanna try?

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my sister borrowed my laptop so i checked the history and it was this picture refreshed 246 times image

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can i stay at your place? no hobo

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